We live in a stressful world. Our lives revolve around more activities than our ancestors and we are expected to work day and night to fit it all in. With this stress filled life comes some very unhealthy habits and very poor diets. Because eating healthy takes time, it is usually pushed aside to make room for dance class, softball practice and the long work hours we are forced to put in just to make ends meet.

This lifestyle, which we have sadly become accustomed to, is making America unhealthy and fat. It’s our passion at Little Choices Matter to help each of you change that, one little choice at a time. We are not claiming that changing the world and it’s thinking will come easy, but we hope that making small little choice will make a difference and that it is carried through the next generation, and the next, and the next. Something needs to change. Here are a few little ideas you can impliment that won’t take a lot of time and money, but will make a difference.

One of the most healthy things you can do if you live a stressful life is to make sure our diet has enough omega-3 fatty acids. These are of vital importance to every single cell in our bodies. These amazing fatty acids are the foundation of metal health which can help you leave the stressful world and enter a more happier lifestyle. It is suggested that we eat fish at least 2 times a week in order to increase these fatty acids, however, you possibly can’t get enough in for what our bodies need nowadays. Our ancestors did not have to battle with the saturated omega-6 fatty acids but unfortunately we do. Especially if you eat processed foods, dine out regularly or visit a fast food establishment while running yourself ragged. Read more on Omega 3’s & 6’s here.

If you live a stressful life, your body will soon show signs of distress. You may notice that you are tired, that you can’t concentrate or that you are easily irrated. Then more extreme signs of body failure begin to show up. You may notice shortness of breath, anxiety, sore muscles. Some will even show signs of nighttime stress due to improper sleeping patterns. Some will develop restless leg syndrome or grind or clench their teeth. This can even lead to lock jaw.

There are a few things you can do to help reduce the negative effects of a stressful life. The obvious would be to cut back on the activities or work load that most likely got you to this point in the first place. For some this can be easy, for others it is more difficult especially if you are a single parent trying to make ends meet and raise a family.

One of the most successful ways to reduce stress is to take a few minutes for yourself. This may mean less time in front of the television or checking facebook less often especially before bedtime. Performing daily relaxation exercises can be very helpful and help ensure a good night’s sleep. In the morning take a few minutes to wake up and start your day with some relaxing thoughts and even a devotional. Studies show that those who begin their day with God have a more relaxed day and are more happy. These relaxation exercises will enhance your mood and increase your self esteem.

Another way to help reduce stress is to develop an exercise routine that fits into your lifestyle. There are many ways in which you can incorporate small activities and make them routine so they become a habit and not a chore. When you exercise you feel better and have more energy which will lessen your stressful days. It’s important that you find an activity that you enjoy and if you have a family, make it a family affair. Spending time with the family is sometimes put aside in today’s fast pace world and it’s important that the next generation understands the importance of family, health and happiness.

So, take a few minutes for yourself, relax and add in some omega-3 supplements. If you begin to implement these little ideas on a regular basis, they will begin to be part of your daily routine and in a short time you will not only feel better but you will look better too. And you’ll be much more healthier and happier! By implementing these little changes, we may be able to restore the diet and nutrition of our ancestors and reduce, if not eliminate, many of today’s modern disorders and diseases.