Do you ever feel like you get nothing done around the house? You never get around to making that dentist appointment, calling a friend, opening the Bible, etc.? The Sunday Planner has been life-changing for us.

I first heard about this planner from Darren Hardy who is one of my business mentors. I used to be overwhelmed with my long list of tasks and it never failed at the end of the week I would get none of them done.

Why do you need to plan?

A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

It doesn’t matter if you have business, financial, spiritual or personal goals. If you don’t plan to accomplish them, you are just wishing. You have to work toward your potential accomplishment for it to be anything more than a dream or wish.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

It’s a simple concept, really. Every Sunday (or whatever day works for you) fill out the Sunday Planner form.

It’s easy – go through your task list, your honey-do list and pick your top three items you want to accomplish. Add them to the first section on Sunday Planner. My husband and I have our own column and then we have a family column with tasks we are going to accomplish together.

Here is a sample of one of our weeks as an example.

Pick ONLY pick THREE goals and make them a priority over the rest.

Be realistic. I once put down build a garden and, of course, it took longer than a week. So I moved and now I want a raised garden at my new home. So, this time, I broke the garden task down into chunks:
Week 1 – Buy the materials
Week 2 – Level ground and put up the footings
Week 3 – Add the soil and plant the seeds

Whatever your task is, it’s important to break down larger goals into a few weeks. If you get the first three done on the list, you can always move to the next set of goals.

What about my other goals?

When you have accomplished your top three goals, you can move down to the “Other Goals” section which you may or may not have filled out on Sunday.

Or you can do your top three goals then move on and enjoy the rest of your week – you earned it!! (Pats on the back to you my friend!)

Use your planner throughout the week.

We have our planner setting on the counter for the entire week. I used to hate things on my counter but then I learned that if it’s not before my eyes, I’m going to forget about it. This is also helpful when you have something new you want to add to the list.

What if I accomplish all three goals in the first few days?

Well good for you! Virtual High Fives coming your way!

During the week, after we have crossed off our accomplished tasks and feeling energetic and determined, we move down on the Sunday Planner sheet. We’ll start by tackling our “other goals” one at a time.

What do I do with the notes section?

If something comes to my mind that I want to put on my task list, I list them on the planner. Then when I go to fill out the next Sunday Planner, I move my tasks over. Sometimes I’ll start from scratch, but more often than not I am transferring my “other goals” and notes to the next week.

Little Choices Matter

Your choices matter. Whether it is a food choice, something you say or do, or what you put on your task list. These choices make a difference and you will notices you are taking every area of your life to the next level.

Get started today! Download the Sunday Planner

We’ve made it super simple to get started. Just download the planner below. You can fill in the fields digitally or print and write in your goals. The important thing is do what works for you and your family.

Download the FREE Sunday Planner