We have all heard that you are what you eat, so many times – but what about saying, “Your mood is what you eat?” Did you know what we eat affects our emotions? And not just in an ‘I’m probably shouldn’t have eaten a third slice of chocolate cake’ kind of way.

There are certain foods that we can eat that, in return, can trigger euphoric endorphins that can make us feel happier. Food affects our metabolism, hormones, and all those moody chemicals our brain produces. We must make sure we’re feasting on the ones that bring us joy instead of ones that may dampen our spirits. 

One such food is sunflower seeds. A great one to keep on hand for a quick snack, these little kernels contain an amino acid that creates high serotonin levels, which in turn eases tensions, relaxes nerves, and prevents depression. All that power in one tiny seed.

God also added in selenium, a nutrient that is thought almost instantly to improve moods. They also contains magnesium; research concluded that magnesium has beneficial effects on patients with depression.

A small seed with some powerful benefits. Enjoy them as a snack or sprinkle them on your salad.