What causes some to succeed and others to continue to struggle to maintain healthy weight and eat healthier.

There are a few key components and none of them have to do with food.

You must renew your mind and you must be consistent.  I discussed how we are conditioned about changing your conditioning habits (click here).

The only person who can change is you.

Why is it easier to maintain bad habits than good ones?  That is a great question and I am sure a lot of it is your input of data.  What you see everyday one television, magazines, social media and news all around you exposes you to the negatives.  The advertisements lean towards bad foods and negative information.  You are the only one that control your data inputs into your mind and change what has dominance in your subconscious.

Environment plays a factor as well.  If you are surrounded by others eating unhealthy foods, or smells of pizza and fast foods continues to fill your airways, you will be more likely to submit to unhealthy choices.

You will need to renew your mind and guard all your senses while you retrain and recondition your mind.

Consistency is key! Strengthen yourself everyday and work to be better and do better.  Over time you will have changed your way of living.  This can be done over time in baby steps or a complete overhaul.

Survival of the fittest will be how well you apply these skills in the trenches of life.   You have to choose wisely and you will live healthier and be fit.

Just remember Little Choices Matter.

If you focus on that everyday from situation to situation it will propel you to victory.

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