Our bodies give clues when something is going on and we need to learn to tune in and listen to it when it needs a tune-up.  In today’s busy world many of us carry stress indicators.  Here are some symptoms or results of stress in your life.  The word stress started as a construction term meaning stress applied to a building or structure and how much stress it could tolerate.   We all have the ability to handle stress, however, when you apply too much stress, our bodies start to show signs and symptoms of distress.  Stress is an enemy to our bodies and we need to take the time to deal with it.  It is not okay to continue in stress, it will hurt you.

Some Common Signs of Stress:
Forgetfulness or scattered thoughts
Temper and frustrations
Chronic Fatigue and over-tired
Cynical and sarcastic
No sense of accomplishment (feel like you are doing a lot of things but not getting anything done)
Feeling like a failure and unhappy with your life
Constant sickness or illnesses
Tension and pressure
High blood pressure
Heart disease
Joint pain

These are all common results of too must stress in your life.  Stress has been documented causing many diseases and cancers.  These are all warning signs that you need to address some stress issues in your life.   Causes of stress come from many areas and below we will touch on a few.

Common Reasons for Stress

  • Uncertainty – Letting “What if’s” control your thoughts and being fearful
  • Unresolved Conflict – Being angry with others and fighting or holding a grudge
  • Unrealistic Comparisons -Thinking we should look a certain way, or have better hair, or skin or more money, or look like so and so..
  • Guilty Conscience – Deal with the character flaws in your life, and do your best!  Deal with it and move on.
  • Finances – Money woes and/or spending more than you earn.
  • Overweight – Carrying too much weight will cause stress on your bones, joints, organs and emotions.

Some tools to help reduce stress

  • Talk to your “what ifs” and answer them. Do not let fear get power over your emotions.  Meditate on the right things,  good things and turn your negative what if’s from negative what if’s. to positive ones.  What if I ran out of money?  Well, what if you won the lottery?  Take control of your thoughts and change your thinking.  For every negative “what if” there is a positive you can insert.  Talk to your negative thoughts and change them.  Write things down and stop trying to remember everything or have unrealistic expectations of the demands of your brain.
  • If you are having a conflict with someone or a family member. Resolve it or distance yourself from the person. The longer you hold onto the anger, bitterness, and resentment, the more it will add stress to you.  This will affect every area of your life.
  • Do not compare yourself to others, being unrealistic about your self-image, your finances, or any area of your life causes stress and makes things unattainable in your life.  Keep your focus on you and your goals.  Stop trying to please everybody and keep your focus on making yourself and those around you happy. Do not compare yourself to other people!  Do not belittle yourself or think you should look like or act like someone else.  Be the Best You, that you can be!
  • Forgive yourself.  So what, you ate the donuts, or spent too much money, or lied to your best friend. Ask forgiveness and move on from it. Stop allowing it to control your emotions and beating yourself up for it because you cannot change it but you can change what you will do next.
  • Stop spending more money than you have and get a plan.  Make a budget, know what you have to work with, and develop a plan for your finances. Enroll in a finance workshop, they are often free.  Just make a decision to do it.
  • Exercise, make little choices to eat healthier, and do not try to overhaul yourself overnight.  Many times we decide we are ready to diet and lose weight but then two weeks later we want it to be done after years of overeating and abusing our bodies.  We expect then miraculous results overnight when if you will be consistent at making healthy choices, read books about healthy eating and exercise, join support groups and stay tuned in and focused on getting healthier each day at a time. Stress on your body from eating unhealthy and not exercising is a huge stress that will affect all the other stress indicators above.  Change it today!

Doing something every once in a while will not bring desired results. You must apply intense consistency over a period of time to get results!  If there is one tool I can teach; is consistency is the key to success or failure.

It is your choice you decide to consistently make the right choices or the wrong ones.  

Your body will respond to your emotions and how you treat them.  You only get one life and one body.  You would not put Drano in your car and expect it to run and never change its oil. If you will consider your body as your vehicle in this life you will respect it and keep it tuned up and running well.  

Maintain your emotional health, spiritual health, physical and financial health.  Be realistic about how long it will take before your life is running like a new car again and love yourself every day!

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