Are we sabotaging our diets by consuming Sodium Nitrates?

Do you know about the dangers of these cancer causing ingredients?

Did you know that hot dogs have been scientifically linked to childhood brain tumors and leukemia?

When you purchase cured meat, do you read the ingredients on the package? Have you ever noticed Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite in the list? These dangerous chemicals are found in most processed meats and are usually added to to improve color and flavor. They are also added to prevent botulism, which by the way can be prevented with proper refrigeration and cooking! So, it’s easier and more profitable for the manufacturers to add these chemicals than to properly handle them!

Since we have little on control the meat market, we need to adjust our menus to avoid the foods where you might find added Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite. They are most commonly found in cured meats such as turkey, ham, bologna, bacon, salami, pepperoni, sausages, hot dogs and even jerky.

There has been a lot of research, studies, and numerous articles written showing evidence of the toxic and carcinogenic (cancer) effects of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite found in foods. Despite all these studies, sodium nitrite is found in literally thousands of different menu items at fast food restaurants, school lunch programs and most dining establishments, including hospital cafeterias. Studies show that once in the body, nitrates and nitrites promote the growth of cancers in the brain, stomach, pancreas and colon.

These ingredients are highly carcinogenic once it enters the human digestive system where it forms a variety of nitrosamine compounds that damage the liver and pancreas. Since the liver is our main fat-burning organ, we need to take care of it!

Unfortunately we are seeing more and more products with food dyes, nitrates, nitrites, BHA, BHT, and pesticides.

These dangerous ingredients is something our ancestors never had to think about! Unfortunately in today’s world of processed foods, we need to watch out for dangerous ingredients that are making us and our children sick!

Look for meats that have a label stating it is nitrate free or nitrate-free. Or, better yet, do what our ancestors did – cook your own meats then slicing or shred for “lunch meat”. It’s not only healthier, it’s cheaper!