Smiling man and woman watching a photo albumWhen you hear the word “diet” what comes to mind? For most of us we think of weight loss, usually a short-term program established to shed a few pounds and help you meet a desired weight goal. However, this is really not the correct meaning of the word and is for sure not the correct way of thinking.

A diet is should be a life-long approach to good healthy lifestyle … so when we use the word diet, we are referring to the proper terminology as found in the Dictionary.

When did our thinking of the word “diet” change? Did it change as the obesity rate increased? Did it change when the market became flooded with “diet” pills promising to shed extra pounds?

Thankfully, it hasn’t changed for all of us. It’s important to be healthy and not be so thin that your body suffers in the processes. Just think about models today in the entertainment world compared to the day when Marilyn Monroe smiled for the camera. She was beautiful, sexy and a size 14. Today’s models are thin, mostly anorexic and usually very unhealthy. Yet most of us, especially teens thrive to be like them and do everything possible to try and fit into a size 0 skinny jeans.

A diet is more a than a short term weight loss, it’s a routine, a daily intake of food meant to meant to be followed for a life-time of good health and reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases and emotional disorders. Some of the American people still get this description. Just think of the organizations such as the American Cancer Association Diet, the American Heart Association Diet and the even the American Diabetes Association. Their diets are for optimal heath and are not designed to reach a unhealthy weight loss goal.

Today we will discuss confidence building tools.  What you focus on will manifest in your desires and help you achieve success in your daily life.

1.  Make a Plan and write it down.  One of the most successful things you can do to make a lifestyle change is keep a diary and write it out plan on paper what you want to achieve.
2.  Do food prep days.  I tell people this all the time, but planning and prepping your food will increase your level of success by a large percentage.  If you plan one day per week to write out your grocery list, plan your menus and then do prep work for your menus you will be much more successful at completing them.
3.  Write out a vision for your diet and for your health.
4.  Post a picture somewhere that you see everyday that represents a time you felt really good about yourself and your health.  Keep it where you can refer to it for motivation. Memories are powerful.
5.  Start educating yourself.  Read books, magazines, watch shows that all lean towards healthy living and lifestyle.  Do not focus on a goal weight but on optimizing your health.

All of these will help you build your confidence and make the changes you need to make.  Be happy and look for ways to make great memories.

One tip I will leave you with, if I am ever in a bad mood or having bad thoughts I watch a comedy or listen to it.  Things that make you laugh will heal you.

Laughter is the best medicine.

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