Quinoa Mexican pasta Gluten Free Mexican Quinoa Pasta Salad

1/2 box Quinoa spiral pasta
 TSP Three Amigos Mexican Spice Blend
1 TB  MCT Oil
1 TSP Himalayan Sea Salt
1/2 can black beans
1 can mild Rotel or chopped tomatoes

Optional Ingredients:

1 Tsp Cream Cheese


Boil Quinoa pasta to instructions.  In the water, put in the salt,  Mexican seasoning and MCT oil.  The best tip to season any pasta type dish is while it is boiling, as it will absorb the flavors.  Be liberal with salt and seasoning.  Drain the Quinoa and add to the dish.  Empty the can of beans into a strainer and run under water and clean the beans for several minutes.  Take half and add to the salad.  If you love beans add them all.  Add in one can or chopped tomato, salsa or rotel.   I topped with a little softened cream cheese and sprinkled with Three Amigos Mexican spice.

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