Studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea helps burn fat and promote weight loss. The secret to green tea’s fat-burning power is its catechins – the antioxidants in the green tea that combats free radicals as well as promote healthy cells. Also, the caffeine you find in green tea contains egcg which inhibits your body to take in sugar and helps you not store fat.

One cup of green tea contains between 50 to 100 milligrams of catechins. Studies show that 400 mg a day improves your metabibolic function which aid in burning fat. So, you need to drink about 4-5 cups of green tea every day to see any fat-burning effects.

Winter is a great time to drink tea – I can easily drink tea all day long. So – Tis the Season – drink Green Tea and you will not only burn fat, you will get in a lot of  antioxidants and their cancer-fighting effects.

For a Holiday touch – Drink Peppermint flavor! I love to add Peppermint Stevia drops.

Other Mint Green Teas I love:

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