The best tip we can give is to be prepared. The more you are prepared, the more successful you will be at maintaining your weight. Always be prepared to make healthy choices!

If you are traveling by air, be very prepared as airports are not the healthiest place to find food. Even the little convenience stores have very little healthy choices. Don’t just go and grab beef jerky – most of them have added sugar, so make sure you read the labels. Stay away from the trail mix as most have added ingredients not healthy even if you do plan on picking out the M & M’s. In a pinch, most airlines hand out peanuts and although most are cooked in canola oil, althought it is a better choice than the pretzel or trail mix they may offer.

Hard boiled eggs
Peanut butter on sprouted bread
Cut up fruit – Apples, oranges
Dehydrated fruit
Cut up vegetables
Cherry tomatoes
Raw nuts
Trail mix (see healthy recipe),
Larabar (great variety pack)
Whole grain crackers (Back to Nature)
Healthy popcorn

Don’t fall into the 100 calorie pack marketing. Most of those products have harmful additives. Be careful when buying dried fruit – make sure there is no added sugar.

Once you get to your destination, try and find a grocery store where you can buy some fresh fruit and packages of cut veggies. It’s good to take along protein powder and powdered greens to mix in to yogurt, milk, or even water. Having the greens will help to make sure you get your greens!

Apple cider vinegar does not need to be refrigerated either, so you can put it any type of screw cap container, such as a small travel bottle or Rubbermaid container.

Always order lemon water in restaurants, especially have warm lemon water first thing in the morning.

Carry a travel size squeeze bottle of stevia or Sweet Leaf packets.

Don’t forget to pack your flaxseed, flas oil and fish oil. You can purchase in gel cap form. Because the oil is encapsulated with no excess air or light exposure, they do not have to be refrigerated and there is no risk of going rancid.

I always pack along some of my favorite quick snacks such as spelt pretzels, rice crackers and trail mix. On a recent tour with Tulip Tours, my sister packed some sprouted bagels to eat for breakfast since we knew the hotel continental breakfast were not loaded with healthy choices. They need to be stored in the fridge, so this is not always convenient but worked for her since most of the hotels we stayed at had a small refrigerator.

Eating out can be a challenge so make sure you make healthy choices! Plan ahead and visit the online menu and nutritional facts so you are prepared what is the best choice at each restaurant, especially if you think you may need to do fast food.

Walk to the restaurants as much as you can. Walking is good for you and it will help burn calories and can aid in digestion. Always look for the wisest choice on the menu. Grilled foods, salads, lean meats, etc. Ask the waiter how the foods are cooked, and what kind of oils they use. If a dish you are interested in has added sugar, and ask what kind of healthy substitutes they provide. More and more restaurants are providing healthier alternatives, but may not of updated their menu yet. Salads are the wisest choice with grilled meat added. Usually marinated meats have a lot of added sugars. Be very careful of the salad dressing as most are heavy dressing with added sugar. Ask for it on the side or ask for vinegar and lemon wedges and make your own. Heavenly Ranch Sassy Vinaigrette 

Order items such as poached eggs, omelets and pass on the hash browns or potatoes. Most restaurants will substitute them with cottage cheese or tomato slices.

Order a ‘protein style’ burger (lettuce wrap) which are available at most restaurants and even fast food places. Carl’s Jr, In-N-Out and many others have it right on the menu, if not ask if it available or order it bun-less. Try and stay away from mayonnaise – catsup and mustard are wiser choices. If you go to Taco Bell, order your meal ‘fresco’ style which is with salsa and no cheese or no sauce.

A great place to eat is Whole Foods so search online before you travel to see if there is a location near your destination or along the way. They have a great selection of foods buffet style so you can get something healthy to eat there or take it to-go. While you are there, pick up some fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Do your best and know when you return you will get back on track as soon as possible. Try not to over do it. Some use this time as an excuse to resume old eating and drinking habits. This will undo any losses you have accomplished before your trip. Always think about making healthy choices and they will pay off in the long run.

Do you have tips that you want to share that have helped you? Share it! Safe and happy travels!!

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  1. Anonymous on February 1, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Vickie Anzalone: “Great email ! I also pack an empty water bottle then fill it at a water
    fountain once I get through security. It accomplishes water intake, recycling
    and you save a few $ !”