Fitness Friday:

Getting Back To The Basics: Walking will make you healthier and happier!
 Have you had your walk today? 
There are so many people who tend to ignore the simple things that can have an impacting result in your overall health. Just a simple outside at the park, lake or even in the quietness of your own home can jumpstart your fitness journey and move you in the right direction for obtaining your DREAM BODY!
I began my fitness journey by simply walking every day. I “Walked Away the Pounds” right in the comfort of my own home. I would pop in Walk at Home Fat Burning DVD by Leslie Sansone each morning, and would GET BUSY! I didn’t start off walking 5 miles each day, I made small strides. I started with one mile, then gradually increased.  After a while, I was a walking PRO! I felt great! I had so much energy and I noticed how pleasant I was to others throughout the day. With the consistent efforts of walking every morning  and sometimes evenings, it truly made a difference in my life and the SCALE! (Click Here) to view Leslie Sansone walking DVD’s.
So, I encourage you to jump start your fitness journey and start walking today! Your body will thank you for it.
Little Choices Matter and deciding today to make a change will improve your life.
Tips when walking:
*Stand tall
*Keep core contracted throughout
*Take deep breaths
*Continue to move your arms-The faster you move your arms, the faster your feet with follow.
*Advanced Walkers- Add resistance to your walk, invest in ankle weights and or hand weights
*Wear comfortable clothing and shoes
Next week I will share with you tips on GETTING Bikini Ready in the WINTERTIME! It’s all about making the Little Choices that matter…Take your Next Step!!
Love you to pieces…