One principle in learning to live a healthier lifestyle and making permanent change is guarding your influences and temptations.  Who you are around, what you are around, what you see and what you hear is what will manifest in your day to day life.  I have always used this principle in raising my kids.  If they came home and were speaking negative, the first thing I ask is who have you been hanging around.  If they were listening to bad music, or watching bad negative television will bring about the same results: negative goes in, then negative comes out.

Here are some examples:

If you hang around junk food everyday, all day and look at it, see people eating, talk about it, smell it you are more than likely going to eventually consume it.   You need to surround yourself with healthy alternatives.  Read healthy cooking magazines.  Look at Pinterest and study all the healthy recipes (Click here to check out Carol’s Healthy Food Boards).  Plan your menus and take control of what is influencing you.  Then when you are around unhealthy choices you will have built up an Armour that will help you resist the temptation.

If you are around negative people all the time who speak negatively, and who are cynical or angry you will see some of this behavior start to manifest in your own life.  Guard against negative influences and strive to surround yourself with positive people.  The more positive information you take in the more positive information you will have show up in your life in how you deal with situations and others.

The reality is you will become and behave like those you hang around the most.  If you want to get healthier then hang out with healthy people.  If no one in your life is practicing a healthy lifestyle, there are other methods to help you keep a balance.  Join support forums, watch healthy living and positive television, read or subscribe to health and fitness magazines.

If you give this area of your life a priority you will succeed in changing bad habits and embracing a new and healthier you!  You can do it!

Remember each little choice you make towards eating and living healthier is a stepping stone that will bring a permanent change.

Proverbs 13:20 “He who walks with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”