A little choice you can make when making decisions for your family is where to go for your medical treatment.  Some of us are bound into networks for insurance and limited, while others have broader options.

In today’s world we review and measure and grade everything online.  I am not sure I completely agree with all these methods and certainly understand that all reviews and scales can be biased.  I am however one who embraces the ability to research and make your own choices on what works best for you and your family.  It is easier to find a great family physician and stick with them through the years, but if you need major medical you are really left with a guessing game as  most of us do not use it often (thankfully) and do not know much about the quality of services offered.

This story really hits close to home for me as I have had several close to me run into some bad situations by choosing the wrong hospitals for their loved ones.  Be smart and at least research and know your options before seeking hospital care in your area.  It may be a little choice that makes all the difference for your future.

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