A cleanse requires energy, so your body is already working pretty hard at cleaning out, which can make you tired.

Listen to your body’s cues and getting extra sleep when your body asks you for it, so that is key as your body knows what it’s doing more than we sometimes give credit for.

Some movement or light exercise is very beneficial for detoxing. It can activate the body’s lymphatic system which it uses to drain toxins.

Rebounding or gentle bouncing on a mini-trampoline or even a brisk walk are some of the best ways to get moving yet be kind and considerate of all the other work your body is doing for you.

Deep breathing can pass toxins out of the body through the lungs, sweating is passing toxins through your skin, different yoga or twisting exercises can stimulate the digestive system and colon, and rebounding or dry brushing can stimulate the lymphatic system to push out those things that just don’t belong.

Your goal during a detox is to allow your body to do what it needs to do (detox) and help it along in any way possible.

Always listen to your body and do not overdo it during your detox!