Chocolate and peppermint seem to be the leading couple of the Christmas candy season and for good reason! It is a delicious combination!

You can make your own sugar-free version using the traditional “Chocolate Delight” recipe and a flavored stevia.

The coconut oil base makes this a creamy and dreamy treat that is a healthy fat and a good source of energy. The only drawback is that it will melt in your hands, so get it in your mouth quickly! (and you will definitely want to!)

Classic Chocolate Delight

1 C. Coconut Oil, melted
1/2 – 1 C. cacao powder (some do less to cut down on bitterness)
Stevia drops to taste – start out with 5-10. Too much stevia has the opposite effect!

Fluff cocoa with a fork to break up any chunks. Add melted coconut oil.
Mix in Stevia adding more or less depending on taste.

Flavored stevia suggestions:

Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Butter Rum, Vanilla, Eggnog, Chocolate, or Marshmallow.


If you’re making this to squelch a chocolate craving, pour some onto a paper plate and stick it in the freezer. It can be ready in minutes.

If you want to make some healthy candies to keep around for future cravings, consider pouring into fun silicone candy molds and freezing them, then pop them out, and store in the refrigerator.


  • Add a peanut powder to replace some of the cacao powder for a peanut butter and chocolate flavor
  • Add shredded coconut for a healthy “Mounds” style treat
  • Add a single cashew, almond,  or another type of nut to each individual candy mold
  • Sprinkle with coarse Himalayan Pink Salt before freezing
  • Mix in chopped nuts
  • Mix in chopped, dried cranberries