Depositphotos_74759649_l-2015Want something light, yet healthy and delicious? Try this recipe for fish tacos!

1 lb of White Fish OR medium-sized shrimp
1 T of coconut oil or MCT oil
1/2 cup of cilantro
1/2 cup cabbage
1 tsp of Lemon N’ Pepper
1 tsp of Three Amigos
4 Ezekiel tortillas or other gluten free tortillas (BFree is a great product)

Shredded Cabbage Coleslaw
Chopped onions
Sour Cream

Place the fish or shrimp in a bowl and marinate with the oil, Lemon N’ Pepper, and Three Amigos seasonings.  Cook the fish or shrimp on the grill or lightly saute in a pan. Cut the cooked fish into small chunky pieces.  Heat or warm the tortillas.  Add a light base of sour cream and then add your fish (or shrimp), cilantro, onion, and shredded cabbage.  Add salsa if desired.  They are delicious and easy to make!

Servings: 2