Here at Little Choices Matter we have a strong belief that healthy food should never be bland or unappealing, because food is a vital part of the body’s nutrition supply and we should be able to enjoy making healthy choices!  With the weather starting to warm up it won’t be long until most of use uncover the grill and start enjoying weekend barbecue get togethers with family and friends.  The secret of using a packet of ranch seasoning in hamburger patty’s is well known, but with most of those packets containing unhealthy ingredients we’ve created our own healthy mix that is just as easy!

For every pound of hamburger meat mix in 2 teaspoons of Heavenly Ranch and also 1 teaspoon of the Signature Blend to give it a well rounded flavor.

Click here to make the healthy choice for the cheese and mayo you top your burger with.  Let us know in the comments about any variations you try that kick up the flavor in your hamburger!

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  1. Terri on February 26, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    This looks really delish, think we’ll give it a try this evening. Thanks Jake!