The little choices you make every day will help determine your long-term success of keeping your weight stabilized and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We are presented with choices every day and depending on which path you take will determine your level of success.  When eating out or choosing a snack always look at your options and make the best choice in the moment.

If you are wanting Pizza, instead of ordering out make your own and enjoy a healthy option.  Click Here for a healthy Pizza.

If you want Ice Cream, instead of going to your local Stone Cold Creamery, consider making your own or choosing coconut ice cream. Click Here for a recipe.

If you want cookies, try baking a healthy alternative.  Click here for Carol’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

These are just a few examples of healthy recipes on this website.

The point above is; if there is an unhealthy option there will be a healthy option available too if you put a little time and effort into preparing and looking for it.

When I am dining out I always try to make the healthiest choices with what I have to choose from.

You can stay healthy if you keep focused on making little choices every day that compliments your lifestyle.

Make 2012 the healthiest year by your choices 🙂 You have the power to do it.